Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The First Entry

This is my first blog entry. I feel like there should be some sort of ceremony for this type of thing. I guess I have built a blog up to be more than it is. I have thought for months of the creation of this journal. I have deliberated endlessly over what it would be about, what it would be called, and most importantly, what would finally get me to start this thing. My journalism professor at Ohio University said that it was imperative for all prospective journalists to start a blog. Instantly, compelling thoughts filled my head. I began to think that my entire future depended upon this blog. That somehow, my ramblings would make or break my prospective career. Yet, my professor said that months ago, and I did not start this blog until today. What really compelled me to start this blog? Why did I actually follow through on my plan? It can only be one thing -- my desire to write. I love writing, plain and simple. I retract my earlier statement; I have not built a blog up to be more than it is. Actually, I have not given blogs credit enough. This blog is the official forum for my thoughts, the designated outlet for the products of my restless mind. So there it is; I am officially a blogger.


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