Sunday, December 20, 2009


Yesterday, I felt compelled to travel to the airport to greet my friend, Alissa, as she returned home for winter break after her first semester away at college in Hawaii. I went to the airport with a group of girls, my best friends since the age of five. We were all overjoyed to reunite with Alissa. We were all overjoyed to be together, period.

The transition to college was difficult for our group. There were times I doubted whether or not I would be able to make it without these girls by my side. All of my memories include them because the greatest times of my life are spent with these people. They have helped me through hardships and I have talked them through traumas.

Our choice to split our separate ways for school may seem surprising, but it is actually a great representation of our relationship. We support each other, no matter what. No barrier of distance can break our bond, nor can any measure of time strain our love. Okay, I must admit that technology has helped us out quite a bit. Without Skype and Facebook, we would not be able to keep up on all the juicy gossip that is so essential to our lives. (We are girls after all.) However, it must be said that it takes motivation to use that technology. We are inspired to maintain our friendship because all of our lives so highly revolve around the support our companionship provides.

I could not live without my friends. That's cliche and cheesy, but it's true. For so long, I thought I was independent of my friends. I thought our interactions existed solely outside of the scope of my inner being -- I was so wrong. These people have molded me. It is undeniable that we shape each other. I love my friends, plain and simple; nothing will ever change that.


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