Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Anti-Resolution

I have felt compelled to make a New Year's resolution since the dawning of 2010. For a full ten days, I have deliberated about what I should resolve to do differently in the new year. Finally, I have decided upon what my resolution shall be -- my New Year's resolution is to stop making New Year's resolutions.

New Year's resolutions tend to fall through, therefore, I will no longer be making them. In fact, I think I know the reason resolutions tend to fall through, and it is lack of desire. January 1st may be the start of a new year, but it is not necessarily the beginning of a new way of life. Imagination, passion, and determination are powerful emotions that do not fit in an ordinary timeline. When I want to change something, I want to change something. I do not want to wait months, weeks, days, or even minutes before putting forth a new life plan. Once an idea is planted in my mind, it grows uncontrollably.

So, I am not starting the year off with a new "plan." Instead, I will continue to travel swiftly upon my already-beaten path. I do not want to stray into the wilderness of the unknown because I like the road on which I currently tread. I am happy, truly and genuinely happy. This is not to say that everything in my life is perfect; however, it is the dull and dreary components of my world that make me appreciate the  brilliant parts of my existence so much more.

My life is a mixture of good and bad. No matter of resolution-making would ever make my life totally wonderful, nor would I ever want a life of complete grandeur because that would be incredibly boring. I will adjust my life as I see fitting, but I will not progress accordingly with the the calendar year. In my search for the perfect resolution I have totally condemned the act of conventional resolution-making. I am starting the new year on the road I have been on all of my life. My destination may change occasionally, but I am not going to wander off the path for no reason. I will follow the map of 2010 to wherever it may lead me, but I am not going to take a turn without being instructed. Resolutions are faulty directions. I, for one, am not starting the year off lost.


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