Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Runner's High

Last week, I felt compelled to run five miles. I run on a (mostly) daily basis. However, I usually log a consistent three miles per workout. On that particular Tuesday, I felt it necessary to increase my mileage; I needed to escape.

Yes, running is my escape. I have not done, nor do I ever plan on doing, hard drugs. But I like getting high — from running. To me, running is a drug, and I am totally addicted. Running certainly involves a level of physicality. However, running is also very much a mental thing. When I run my legs follow a monotonous pattern, yet my mind swirls across unknown depths; my feet go straight, yet my thoughts follow no semblance of a linear path.

As I run, I think myself through a million different scenarios and become inspired by countless observations and ideas. My brain wanders and wonders until I am in a completely different place, a euphoric land of bliss. Running gives me new perspective on my problems and worries. Running enlightens me to the possibilities of life; nothing can hold me down.

I think drugs do this too.

Sometimes, I run with a friend. I do this when I want to indulge in a shared experience of elation. Sometimes, I run alone. I do this when I need to break free from real world struggles.

This, again, seems drug-like.

I love running. I use it, abuse it, and rely on it to boost my mood. 

Running is a drug.

I hope the FDA never catches on.


maddie gaither said... [Reply]

dead on.

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