Monday, August 9, 2010

Back to the Grind

Coffee -- some people hate it, some people love it, and for some people (like me) there is not a word powerful enough to express how they feel about it.

Coffee is an essential part of my diet. My day is simply incomplete without the fresh-brewed goodness. However, a couple weekends ago, on the way to Miami University with some friends, I declared that I would be giving up my coffee drinking habit.

I don't know what I was thinking.

I made it one day without a nice mug of breakfast blend before withdrawal symptoms started to occur. Can you say migraine?

So, instead of continuing with this cruel and unusual punishment, I made a new vow to merely cut down my daily intake of caffeine. Then, I felt compelled to justify my surrender by compiling a list of coffee's perks (no pun intended).

Here is the list:
  1. Coffee makes you smart -- I honestly credit at least .5 points of my GPA and 4 points of my ACT score to the magical beverage.
  2. Coffee enhances athletic performance. I gave a persuasive speech on this topic during Spring Quarter. I was very effective -- I persuaded myself.
  3. Coffee makes you fun. I started drinking coffee my junior year of high school. I think my popularity peaked after this point. Everyone loves a jittery talkaholic.
  4. Coffee is served in coffee shops. Coffee shops are wonderful.
  5. Coffee makes me human. (No further explanation is necessary.)
I hate not living up to a challenge, but forgoing coffee is not a challenge -- it is a death sentence.

Looks like it's back to the grind for me.


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