Monday, November 8, 2010

Campus Fashion

I recently joined Thread, a student-run, fashion magazine at Ohio University. I may be biased, but I feel that this magazine is incredible. Actually, "incredible" may be an understatement. Thread not only highlights the unique fashion seen on Ohio University's campus, but also promotes individual expression and celebrates creativity.

Being a part of this magazine compels me to think about and pay attention to campus fashion more than I ever have before. While making observations and analyzing wardrobe choices, I have stumbled upon a weird realization -- campus fashion is analogous to studying.

Okay, I know that sounds bizarre -- just hear me out.

Take a look at the following scenarios:

Scenario #1: The Preparer
This is the student who takes the advice of professors and puts in an outside hour of studying for every hour spent in class; this is the fashionista who puts in extra effort to make the campus her personal runway every single day -- prepared for an exam or a photo shoot at any moment.

Scenario #2: The Double-Booker
This is the student who edits English papers in economics class; this is the dresser who wears workout gear to class, so she can hit the gym right after -- one outfit booked for two appointments.
(Side note: This is me.)

Scenario #3: The Crammer
This is the student who barely browses course material (or attends class) until the day before an exam; this is the trendsetter who disregards fashion during the week, yet pulls out all the stops for weekend nights on the town -- facts and fashion are foreign until it truly matters.

See, studying and styling are not so different
. . . fashion is just a lot more fun.
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