Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Take Control

Self-control is hard. Trust me, I work at a candy shop. I know how difficult it can be to deny yourself something that, in the moment, sounds so good

. . . and there's the clincher. Self-control is an "in the moment" thing. If self-control were a race, then slow and steady would lose (sorry, tortoise). Self-control is "here and now." Like "here," don't tell that woman her hair is weird and "now," leave the mall while you still have your dignity. Self-control is weighing momentary satisfaction against long-term happiness and making the best choices based on your future goals.

As for me, I have a big mouth, a big sweet tooth, and a big obsession with online shopping. I am compelled to say the awkward (and possibly offensive) comment, to eat the third (or fourth) cookie, and to browse (and buy from) the Web boutique for hours -- but, I don't.

You see, I want to do all of those things in the moment. However, in ten years, I want to 1) have friends 2) have a waistline 3) have a bank statement that doesn't induce tears. My future plans are bolder than the instantaneous temptations that lay in my path.

I constantly remind myself to control myself. You should too. If you don't, then control freaks like me will try to control you. You don't want that.

Your future (and your moment) are in your hands.

So, take control -- take self-control.


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