Saturday, March 26, 2011

Don't Get Busy

I feel compelled to express my hatred for the word "busy." I hate this word because it is overused.

The truth is that everyone is busy.

To be "busy" simply means to be engaged in activity. Well, most people are normally engaged in some form of activity (like sleeping, daydreaming, etc.). So, if you are a person who participates in meaningful activities (like volunteering, finding a cure to word hunger, etc.), then stop degrading yourself by saying you are merely "busy." You deserve more recognition than that.

The perception of "busy" is based upon individual passion.

If you love what you are doing, then you do not consider that "something" to be a task. Instead, you consider it to be a privilege (or just fun). Therefore, you no longer feel busy but instead feel happily active.

No one feels busy when shopping (unless it is for bathroom fixtures or hardware), exercising (unless that person was not born with the exercise-aholic gene I was), or spending time with friends (unless that person secretly hates those friends). No one feels busy while doing those things because they are enjoyable activities. They are not things to put on a to do list and fret about completing for days; they are things to just do. They are things to just want to do.

I contend that everything you do should be something you want to do. I believe that passion is necessary in every endeavor. If you love what you are doing in an organization, for a community service project, or at a job, then that work will no longer be busywork. It will be meaningful work. It will mean something to you, and it will mean something to those whom it affects.

Everyone is busy. "Busy" is an insult to the motivated and inspired.

Get passionate; don't get busy.
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