Sunday, September 25, 2011

Quirk Alert

I have been described in many ways. Some call me awkward, some call me unique, some call me crazy, some call me ravishing (not really, but it adds variety to the list). I like to tie those words all up with a pretty bow and put a new label on them -- I call myself "quirky."

If you know me, then you know that I am far from average or predictable. I do weird things and make weird noises at inappropriate times.

If you don't know me, then get excited because I am about to take you on a wild mental ride.

I feel compelled to make a list of my most peculiar traits. 

Sit back and be boggled.

1. I use a lint roller every time I leave the house, even if I am going to the gym.

Lint-free and sassy

2. I watch Jenna Marbles videos religiously. They are my guilty pleasure.

3. I am a vegetarian who enjoys healthy food -- and also cannot go to bed without dessert.

4. I am an awful dancer, and I showcase my moves to society way too often.

Teach me how to Dougie ... Seriously, I need a lesson.

5. When people say, "Make a funny face!" I do things like this:


6. I dress up like Elvis for local parades.

Just kidding, that's not me

7. I make random things up for no reason (see above).

8. I equate my phone photography to the work of Ansel Adams. I was blessed with a gift; I can capture breathtaking images of nature using only a smartphone ... Just ask any of the friends whom I harass with picture messages.

Brought to you by my artistic eye and my BlackBerry

9. I say random things whenever they pop into my head. I blame this quirk on my restless mind and my elaborate imagination. I have been caught talking about caterpillars, trips to Never Never Land, John Travolta and pants for no apparent reason. (Sorry if you were involved in any of these conversations.)

10. I list my quirks on my personal blog for the world to see.

Go ahead, let those freak flags fly

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Say Cheese!

My mom started taking my picture on the first day of school when I was in kindergarten. Then, she continued snapping "first day" photos each year until my senior year in high school. Now, I feel compelled to continue the tradition. I take a picture of myself every fall before heading out to my first class.

Yesterday was the first day of my junior year at Ohio University.

You better believe I took a picture.

Don't make fun of me

I continue this tradition half to entertain my mom and half because I have a secret fear that my entire year will be cursed if I fail to take a "first day" photo. 

Some traditions just shouldn't be messed with.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Back to School Essentials

I feel compelled to make lists. I make to-do lists, shopping lists, lists of things I want, lists of things I need, lists of lists (just kidding, I don't go that far). You get it though, I make lots of lists. Also, I am a big nerd. I will admit, back to school season excites me. I love purchasing new school supplies, starting new classes and seeing new faces. For me, back to school season is not dreadful; it is refreshing. My love of lists, coupled with the impending start of fall quarter at Ohio University, has compelled me me to create a list of my back to school essentials.

1. Tote bag
Trust me, I love heavy duty backpacks. In fact, I am obsessed with the Samsonite Tectonic Medium Backpack (Can you say spacious? How about supportive?) I received through my Intern Queen internship. However, I hate lugging around my heavy duty backpack when I realistically only need a notebook and a pen. Having a stylish, comfortable and durable tote bag is absolutely necessary for "lighter" school days.

My Pick: Mosimo Supply Co. Crossbody in khaki

2. Military boots
Ohio University's campus is not what you would call "heel-friendly." The hills decorating this campus actually call for comfortable shoes, and my perpetually cold toes call loudly for fall boots. I own multiple pairs of combat, military and riding boots. I am definitely not a shoe girl, but "boot girl" is a nickname a thoroughly deserve.

My pick: Bamboo Croft Lace-up Military Mid-Calf Boot

3. Nutrition bars
I am on the go a lot. Sometimes I have time for lunch, and sometimes I don't. I like to keep a few of these bars on hand for the days when I don't. They are quick and tasty snacks that give me energy to push through my day. Plus, I am a vegetarian, and these bars are good sources of protein. In fact, I often (and by "often," I mean "always") start my day with a nutrition bar.

My picks: PowerBar Performance in Banana

4. Headbands
I'm a cowlick chick. Sometimes, my hair just isn't having it. Like the children I used to babysit, it does the opposite of what I ask and resists all forms of discipline. In times like these, the only option is physical restraint a.k.a sporting a cute headband.

My pick: Forever 21 Cable Chain Headband

5. Running shoes
Running is my thing, and Nike is my brand. If you don't have Nike+, then I suggest (demand) you get it if you in any way value your running experience. Nike+ has changed my life, and that is in no way an exaggeration. I generally try to purchase a new pair of running shoes every year. After a few hundred miles, I need new tires. (I don't have a car, so please let me play with this analogy.) I ran 110 miles this summer -- It's time for a new pair.

My pick: Nike Free Run+ 2 in stealth/white, dark grey and copa

6. Pencils and pens
I had to do it. The list just would not be complete without these traditional items. Plus, I am a journalism major; I write down everything I see and everything I think. Therefore, I always need a writing utensil (or seven) on hand.

My picks: Bic Matic Stripes mechanical pencils

Uni-ball Roller Grip pens

7. School pride apparel
I am a proud Bobcat. I love Ohio University, and I like to wear my heart on my sleeve (or chest, legs, etc.). Therefore, it's important for me to have a nice collection of OU apparel at my fingertips. Wearing school colors is also a great option for those "I say I have nothing to wear but really am just not feeling anything in this overstuffed closet" days. Everyone on campus seems to support and appreciate my clothing choice, which is an instant confidence booster.

My pick: Ohio University black quarter-zip cadet collar by Jansport

8. Leggings
Leggings are basically attractive sweatpants. They are essential for on-the-go college girls who care about mobility and comfort, as well as style and fashion.

Rule of thumb: On campus, wear your leggings with tops and dresses that cover your backside. It's awkward for all onlookers, especially professors, when you opt to not do that.

My pick: Victoria's Secret Yoga Legging

9. Jacket
Every classroom building on my campus is a different temperature. Sometimes, I am dripping sweat. Other times, I am shivering cold. It's important to always have a jacket handy when the classrooms on your campus have bipolar tendencies.

My pick: Levi's Authentic Trucker Jacket

Oh, and I fell in love with Levi's Utility Jacket while browsing for a denim jacket. It makes the list, too.

10. Magazines
I try to give myself a brain break everyday. This usually involves browsing a magazine for 15 minutes. My magazine time is my reward for getting through a tough homework assignment or completing a well-written page of a research paper. I shall single-handedly keep print journalism alive by being a lifetime 'zine subscriber.

My pick: Glamour

There you have it, my complete back to school list. I am ready to make my junior year at OU an extraordinary one  . . . But only after I figure out one thing -- How am I possibly a college junior already? Eek!

Is it too late to add an item?

11. Anti anxiety medication

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