Tuesday, December 20, 2011

3 Things That Would Annoy You

We can all admit that certain people have certain tendencies that annoy us. It can be something small, like using the word "irregardless" (actually not a word). Or, it can be something big, like tapping a pen incessantly during a two-hour lecture.

"Please stop, or I will keep making my annoyed face."

Most of the time, people do not notice their annoying tendencies. It is only when others mention their oddities or complain about their habits that they realize the pain they have inflicted upon society.

Well, recently I was introduced to three of my own annoying habits, and I feel compelled to share them with you now.

1. I talk during TV shows, especially the important parts.
I talk a lot, and "a lot" is an understatement. I fill awkward silences and chime in on conversations without invitation. A 30 minute or (gasp) 60 minute span of not talking is just too much to expect from me. When an idea pops into my head, I say it ... even if it's during the season finale of Dexter.

... Kellie has something to say

2. I have the bladder of a small child
If a car ride is over one hour long, then I make a pit stop. I can hardly sit through a full movie without making a trip to the bathroom. I always thought this infliction bothered only me. Then, someone brought to my attention how annoying it is for my friends and colleagues to wait on me while I run to the restroom. I guess no one likes to pause for Kellie's potty breaks.

At least I know not to pull this stunt

3. I have shopping OCD
I try on every size, shape, style, color and thread count of each garment before I decide which pieces make it into my wardrobe. I also inspect each piece for any defects before heading to the checkout line. I never thought this was a big deal. In fact, when I went shopping in New York City by myself, it felt perfectly normal to try on item after item until I found the perfect fit. Recently, I learned that trying on and comparing two different sized coats three (or five) times and then checking all of the zippers and buttons to see if they work properly is in fact NOT normal.
*My apologies go out to the shopping partner who witnessed this.

It's going to be a long day

It was not easy for me to learn about these flaws. It annoys me terribly to know that I annoy others. However, I realize that admitting these habits and facing them head-on will allow me to adjust my actions and to become a better TV buddy and shopping partner. (I don't foresee the bladder thing changing too much.)

I have annoying habits. I can admit it without shame because admitting to it has taught me a lesson in temperance. I should not let the weird habits of others bother me because I have plenty of weird habits of my own.

So, the next time that guy shakes my hand too long or that lady blinks too much, I will not be angry or annoyed. Instead, I will think back to the time I tried to hold a conversation with my friends during Glee ...

"Don't interrupt me!"

And I will understand. 

Blink on my friend, blink on.


Allison said... [Reply]

Oh my gosh I am the exact same way when it comes to shopping. It is so hard for me to make decisions and I MUST try on everything. I also sometimes send pics to my mom through our iphones. "Do you like this? Is it worth the money?" hahah, this must be SO annoying!

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