Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Little Piece of Advice

I ask for advice often. I also jump at the chance to share advice with others.

I view advice as enlightened perspective. It allows me to see a situation in a new way and explore options that I would have never thought of on my own.

Advising someone isn't the same as telling someone what to do. Instead, it's sharing an experience or a piece of knowledge and then letting that person make a more informed decision about the choice or dilemma he or she is struggling with with at the moment.

I value every piece of advice I have ever been given. To me, even "bad" advice is a good thing. I know when advice is bad. I know it's bad because I know taking the advice will lead me somewhere I don't want to be (figuratively and possibly literally). Hence, even bad advice pushes me in the right direction.

I think everyone can benefit from a little piece of advice every now and then, so I felt compelled to compile some of the best advice I have ever heard.

Here is that compilation:

On making a big life decision: 
"I never like to live life with regrets. I always choose happiness." 

On getting what you want: 
"Act like you know what you're doing and you're where you're supposed to be. No one will question it."  

On hitting a bump in a relationship: 
"This is either a bump or the end. Either way, you will look back in five years and laugh. You will laugh with your current boyfriend (or girlfriend) and think about how silly this fight was. Or, you will look back with your friends and laugh because you thought it mattered so much in the first place." 

On getting good grades: 
"Grades don't matter that much; getting experience in your field does. Most employers won't even look at your GPA."
*Note: I still obsess about my grades. But, hey, I like this advice. 

On maintaining a balance: 
"Know how to step away from work-related distractions. Don't ever forget to make time for the people who matter most. Don't ever forget to make time for yourself."  

On facing rejection (job or otherwise):
"Don't be discouraged. If you weren't a good fit for them, then they probably weren't a good fit for you either."

On getting out of a "funk":  
"Drink coffee. Coffee is magical. " 

On learning to appreciate what you have: 
"Write down a list of everything you are thankful for in life. Keep that list by your bed. Add to it often. Refer to it when necessary."

Use these pieces of advice whenever and however you want. I honestly don't even remember who said them. I may have made some up myself.  No matter who they came from, they helped me at some point. Now, they are all in one convenient place for you. Consider this the Compelled To Do So advice column.


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