Monday, March 26, 2012

I Survived

I was fearful of several things when I came to the city. Some things were obvious, like getting lost, not knowing anybody, and blowing all my money on shoes and clothes (hello, 5th Avenue). Other things, though, were less obvious.

I had a nagging worry that I wouldn't find a good, safe, uncrowded place to run. Some people who I talked to seemed to think that Central Park was too dangerous or intimidating for a runner who was new to the city ... but I ignored them and did it anyway.

I will admit, I ran laps around the same area for the first mile of my three-mile journey. Then, I saw other runners and followed them to the running path. It turns out that Central Park is huge, and runners don't have to run laps around the same bench for miles. Good to know.

The scenery isn't so bad either.

Now, back to an obvious fear -- getting lost. I thought that it would take me ages to learn the subway system. Instead, it took me seconds to download the HopStop application on my Blackberry. Thank goodness for the saint who created that. My subway navigating isn't error proof (is this train going uptown or downtown?), but it is markedly better than I expected it to be at this point. I have survived two solo subway rides. Impressive, eh?

Oh yeah, I even have an unlimited MetroCard.

Do I scream "city girl" or what?

I'll go with "or what."

I also survived my first NYC weekend. 

On Friday, Sarah and I watched our beloved Bobcats as they battled the Tarheels. OU lost (they should have won), and I experienced a sudden urge of anger. Then, I realized that, despite the loss, OU is still the best school on earth. My bout with depression was brief.

Friday afternoon, I got a surprise text message from a distant relative who I had never met before. My great grandma was her grandma's sister. (I am not even going to attempt to define our relation to each other.) She was visiting NYC for the weekend and interviewing for several summer internships. My grandma and her father stay in contact with one another, and my grandma passed along my information and said I could help show her around. We hung out all day Saturday and had a blast! We talked, walked, and shopped for nearly five hours. Why did I not meet this relative sooner?

Saturday night, I went out with my friend Sarit and her boyfriend. We went to their friend's birthday party at Perdition, a bar in Hell's Kitchen, and ended the night at Niagara, a bar in the East Village.

We left around 2:30 a.m., which is about one and a half hours earlier than the bars actually close.

It's true, the city never sleeps.

On Sunday, I decided to go for another run. I didn't feel like making the trek to Central Park, and I realized that the Hudson River isn't too far from The Webster. I knew there were running paths along the river and thought it would be the perfect place to go. 

Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out how to get to the path for the first two miles of my run. Instead, I ran 20 blocks down busy sidewalks until I hit Chelsea. Dodging people on the sidewalk made me feel like I was playing a video game. I don't particularly enjoy video games and especially not when they get the way of me finding my running groove.

Finally, I made my way to the Hudson. I only had about .7 miles to run at that time, but those .7 miles were pure bliss. I guess I'll just start there next time.

Later on Sunday, my co-intern, Megan, moved into The Webster. I predict that we will become very close as we travel, work, eat, and spend leisure time together. But, that's just a guess.

Now, it's Monday, the first day of my internship. I am nervous, but I am ready!

I survived running and subway-ing in the city ... How hard can working here be?


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