Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I'm Back

Remember that time I went to New York for a few days and said that I would go back? Well, I'm back. Hence, the new blog description.

And this time, I'm here for longer than a few days.

I'm interning in NYC until mid-June. I start Monday. That means I have from now until then to learn how to navigate the concrete jungle.

Wish me luck.

I arrived in New York City yesterday and immediately moved into my room at The Webster. Thankfully, living in Ohio University dorm rooms for two years equipped me with the ability to live in less-than-luxurious locations and to expect the worst when I hear any mention of a "dorm-like" living situation.

I was, therefore, happily surprised by The Webster. It has several lounge areas, a dining room, and -- last but not least -- decent-sized closets.

Actually, my room itself is a lot larger than I expected.

Another bonus: There are sinks in the room. This may seem unimportant, but to me, a lady who brushes her teeth more than any sane person would or should in a day, it's nice. I like being able to overly fixate on my oral hygiene in the privacy of my own room.

My first two days here have seemed like a blur. Luckily, my friend (and soul sister), Maddie, traveled to New York for Spring Break this week and guided me through the initial haze of moving to the city.

Maddie met me at The Webster soon after I arrived. We chatted, explored the rooftop of my building, and then headed to a cute Italian restaurant, Gallo Nero, for dinner.

Today, I decided to head out on my own. I was a huge ball of confidence.


My plan was to simply pick up the items I forgot to pack (aka couldn't fit into my overstuffed suitcase) at the Kmart and Duane Reade down the block. Well, I couldn't find anything I was after. Defeated, I  purchased nail polish remover and cotton balls and headed back to The Webster.

Turns out, all the items that I needed are located on the third floor of Kmart and second floor of Duane Reade, places I didn't know existed. Kmarts and drug stores don't have second and third floors in Ohio. I'm boggled, but I'm learning.

Later, Maddie and I got coffee in Central Park with an OU alumna who now works in NYC.

Then, we met up with our friend Sarah and took a trip to Carrie Bradshaw's famous stoop. Carrie invited us up, but we already had plans.

Our plans? Magnolia Bakery. Words cannot describe the deliciousness of their cupcakes.

Maddie left New York shortly after finishing these cupcakes ... and making a quick stop into Marc by Marc Jacobs to buy herself a well-deserved birthday present. We said a short and sweet goodbye in Penn Station. Rushing to catch the E train is a good way to avoid making a sobbing scene amidst hoards of people.

Tomorrow, I am looking forward to meeting up with one of my best friends from high school, Sarit. She goes to school in NYC, and I have appointed her as my official city guide. She should feel honored.

It's time to conquer The Big Apple!

I plan to prepare by watching copious amounts of Gossip Girl and The City on Netflix.


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