Thursday, April 26, 2012

By The Numbers

So much has happened since we last talked! I shopped in SoHo, saw a few celebrities, and mingled with New York socialites at an art auction.

Here's a recap of it all ... by the numbers.

3: The number of miles I ran along the Hudson River path last Thursday as I watched the sun set.

Not a bad backdrop for a workout

1: The number of celebrities I saw while running. The celebrity? Seth Meyers of Saturday Night Live.

Funny, funny man

I also saw Seth perform his live stand-up act at Ohio University this winter. We clearly have a connection. I was very, very close to running directly at him and introducing myself. His girlfriend, however, was with him, and I didn't want her to feel intimidated. Obviously, Seth could have easily been swept away by this overzealous and extremely sweaty girl. He also had an attack dog (read: small terrier or chihuahua).

7: The number of hours Sarah and I spent walking around SoHo on Saturday.

Betsey Johnson in SoHo

While in SoHo, we met up with Sam and Jen. Sam and Jen are also from Ohio University and are also interning in the city and living in The Webster. We're a big Bobcat clan. We walked around aimlessly for most of the day, which was wonderful because "aimlessly" happens to be one of my favorite ways to walk.

1: The number of celebrities we saw in SoHo. The celebrity was Ty Pennington. He was not doing an extreme home makeover, as far as I could tell.

... He also didn't have a megaphone

5: The number of items I bought in SoHo.

I guess I was feeling very "neon"

Don't worry, these were from a moderately-priced boutique. Gucci and Prada don't mesh well with an intern salary.

6: The number of vegetarian sliders I ate while out to dinner at Hudson Station Bar & Grill with the OU crew.

This is the closest I will ever come to having a "White Castle experience"

Sarah & me

In between the bun was portabella mushroom, red pepper, zucchini and bleu cheese.


0: The number of places I went besides The Webster on Sunday. It rained, rained and rained more. I left my rain boots in Ohio (and I don't necessarily enjoy feeling soggy), so I didn't leave the building at all during the torrential downpour. Instead, I watched Look Who's Talking.

I love John Travolta circa 1989. Don't judge me.

I also did a cardio circuit and strength-buidling workout in my room. Then, I did a "Candlelight Yoga" video, also alone in my room. Again, don't judge me.

2: The number of Gossip Girl stars I saw at the 13th Annual Free Arts NYC Art Auction on Monday.

Lily Humphrey, formerly Lily van der Woodsen

The Chuck Bass

My supervisor asked me to attend this event to get travel managing experience. I, of course, said that I would go. I wanted to scream, "YES!" and jump up and down, but I controlled myself and saved the excessive giddiness for when I was alone in my room studying the guest list.

More impressive than the star-studded guest list, however, was the cause behind this event. (Nice segue, eh?) Free Arts NYC under-served children and families with educational arts and mentoring programs that help them foster creativity and self-confidence.

The event was phenomenal. I sipped on champagne, browsed beautiful art, "star" gazed, and ate mini grilled cheese sandwiches.

Striking a pose with Miss USA

Finish the sentence

The lips would be my pick ... If I had around $80,000

DJ Chelsea Leyland

 I also let the "paparazzi" take my photo.

Say Cheese!

The "paparazzi" that night were actually students in the Free Arts program. They snapped polaroid photos of celebrities and then gave the stars their pictures to take as mementos.

A few asked to take my picture because they thought I was Blake Lively a.k.a. Serena van der Woodsen, another Gossip Girl cast member.

Side note: I actually have no proof they thought that.

My pretend doppleganger

Basically, this is what I have learned in my 38 days in New York:

Infinity: Number of things to do in this city

And this is what I have left:

Infinity minus something in the 50-100 range

... At least I'm chipping away at it.


Mandy said... [Reply]

I'm so proud of you, Kellie!! You are awesome and totally taking NYC by storm. love you and miss you!!

Kellie Snyder said... [Reply]

Thanks, Mandy!! I love and miss you too! I hope everything is going well for you! We need to have a reunion!

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