Monday, April 16, 2012

Food Like Love

I usually don't take pictures of my food at restaurants. I sneak photos on my BlackBerry every now and then, but I'm afraid that non-bloggers (They just don't understand!) and non-foodies (Is there such a thing?) will feel uncomfortable if I whip out my camera in the middle of a meal. And since my life is just so exciting, I don't normally dedicate entire blog posts to single meals.

Then, a meal like this comes along and compels me to change my ways.

Deliciousness via Max Brenner

On Wednesday, I went to Max Brenner with Angela, Grace and Megan. Angela and Grace are Ohio University graduates who now work at public relations firms in New York City. I knew Angela and Grace from school and made a point to reach out to them once I got to the city.

We all wanted to catch up, so we decided to meet for dinner and drinks near Union Square. We didn't have a set dining spot in mind, so Angela suggested Max Brenner. No one objected.

I started the meal with a peach lemonade and vodka concoction. It was cool, refreshing and citrusy. It was like a vacation in my mouth.

Paradise in a glass

Then, there was the salad. The salad was made of incredibly fresh lettuce and crisp vegetables. It was topped with crunchy asiago cheese bits. (Yes, I did dig through the salad to make sure I ate every one of those bits.) I don't know what type of dressing came with the salad. It tasted like happiness with a pinch of lemon.

Bliss in a bowl

Finally, I had a mozzarella, spinach and tomato panini. The panini was warm and delicious. It had the perfect balance of bread, cheese and vegetables. The chef must use a special panini equation to get his ratios just right. That's math everyone can appreciate.

Heaven on bread

Bold statement: This meal was the best I have had thus far in New York.

This meal looked and tasted so good, in fact, that I felt compelled to take various photographs of it from various angles. I basically had a photo shoot with my dinner.

Crazy, right? Right.

I guess New York food makes me do crazy things. It's a lot like love.


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