Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Big Bite of The Big Apple

I had an amazing weekend in the city. My mom came to visit!

She is the best 

When I found out I was going to New York to intern, I made my mom promise that she would visit me. I forgot I made this request, but I am so happy that I did ... and that my mom follows through on her promises.

My mom arrived Wednesday evening and left this morning. Our four(ish) days together flew by!

I greeted my mom at The Webster after work Wednesday. She stayed in my room, and The Webster supplied us with a cot. When set up, it was tightly wedged between my desk and bed. The path across my room disappeared. Thankfully, I was a master at the "Lava Game" when I was little, so maneuvering the mattress maze was no struggle for me.

After my mom settled in, we decided to walk around the block. We kept our eyes peeled for a good dinner spot and finally settled on the Houndstooth Pub. Houndstooth is my favorite print, so I figured we couldn't go wrong with this choice. 

Our dinner destination

We both ordered garden veggie sandwiches, and we shared an order of sweet potato fries. If a person can inherit taste buds, then I certainly inherited my mom's. We order the same thing just about everywhere we go.

After that, we walked around my block a little more and ended the night with tasty frozen yogurt and good conversation.

The next day, I had a hard time leaving for work. I wanted to spend all day having fun in the city with my mom. Luckily, she didn't do or see anything too exciting without me.

Times Square

... besides all of that.

After I got back from work, my mom, Megan and I decided to go to Greenwich Village. Actually, I insisted, and they didn't argue. I fell in love with Greenwich Village when I visited New York last summer. It's a little like Ohio University's campus -- a touch of artsy and a pinch of fratty. I adore it.

The Athens of NYC

We walked around and browsed for a little while, but the cold weather and gusty winds urged us to get our shopping priorities in order. We streamlined it to the one place we truly wanted to go.


I was as happy as a kid in a cupcake candy store.

"I'll take one of each"

We boxed up our goodies and headed out to find a place to eat a meal that didn't consist of sugar and frosting.


Our dinner destiny was written in the stars.

The garbanzo grubbin' gang

We munched on six or seven different types of hummus with toasted pitas before we got our meals. 

Who's going to steer the hummus boat?

I was craving something warm and opted for the vegetable soup. It was chunky and heavenly. Hummus Place is a vegetarian holy land.

We grabbed a cab after dinner and planned on going straight back to The Webster. Then, we passed a 16 Handles, and I yelled at the taxi driver to pull over. I'm serious about my frozen yogurt.

16 Handles is a self-serve frozen yogurt shop that offers tons of different mouthwatering flavors and toppings daily. If you haven't already, I recommend that you try it. Like now. Go.

I wish that bowl were endless

I was both embarrassed and amused that we walked into a frozen yogurt shop with bags of baked goods.

On Friday, my mom and I met up with my cousin, Andy, for dinner. Andy went to college in New York and has lived here ever since. That makes him the slickest city slicker in our family (besides me, of course).

Me and Andy

Me and You-Know-Who

We ate at a swanky restaurant called The Crooked Knife

Enter restaurant, become instantly more sophisticated

We chatted for hours and had a lot of fun catching up and sharing stories.

Our dinner lasted pretty late into the night, and I was exhausted from my first week of work. I was snoozing as soon as my head hit the pillow.

I woke up Saturday morning feeing refreshed and ready to go!

My mom and I headed to Chelsea Market and spent our entire afternoon shopping, sampling baked goods, and snapping photos (like good tourists should).

Caution: Entering may result in inability to leave in timely manner

I recommend the "Happy Birthday" cupcake in vanilla

Festive decor

Tick tock

Chocolate flowers: No more choosing between chocolates and flowers

Almost too cute to eat

Then, we headed back to The Webster to regroup and drop off our bags before dinner. We weren't sure where we wanted to eat. Actually, we had no idea what our options were. So, I Googled them. 

Finally, I stumbled on Stout, a nearby pub/restaurant. 

Google told us to do it

Stout provided a great atmosphere for our last night of dining together. Not to mention, the food was incredible. My mom and I both ordered veggie burgers and agreed that they were the best veggie burgers we had ever tasted. A great number of veggie burgers have been sampled between the two of us. That is a huge compliment to you, Stout.

Kid tested

Mother approved

My feet will tread this floor again soon

We got a cab back to The Webster after dinner. My mom was leaving for the airport early the next morning, but that didn't stop us from going hard.

We have sweet tooths teeth

... on desserts.

We watched a chick flick and sampled all of the sweets that we accumulated over the weekend. It was perfect. The entire weekend was perfect.

My mom left for Ohio today, and I was sad to see her go.

But, she can easily find her way back -- We left a trail of cupcake crumbs.


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