Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sister, Sister

Last weekend, I had a special visitor ...

Tia & Tamera ... or something like that

My sister!

I'll admit, my sister and I were not always the type of siblings who socialized together, shared clothes, gossiped, got along, etc. I actually don't trust any sisters who are two-ish years apart and claim to have been "friends" throughout their adolescence. We fought, argued, screamed, and did any other synonym for "fought" a lot when I was growing up. I think our resentment spurred from the fact that our parents made us share an Aladdin-themed bedroom for a good portion of our childhood.

Luckily, we enjoy each other's company today. Last weekend, I enjoyed Kara's company more than I can explain.

She arrived late Thursday night. She settled into her guest room at The Webster and we chatted for a bit before heading to bed.

Friday, she explored the city on her own while I worked. After I got off work, we immediately began getting ready for a night with friends.

We  started the night with dinner at Mercury Bar in Hell's Kitchen. Then, we moved onto drinks at Mercury Bar in Hell's Kitchen. Mercury Bar has nine signature cocktails -- one for each planet. I tried "Saturn" and then moved onto more Earthly drinks.


After that, we hopped around a little before landing in Southern Hospitality, Justin Timberlake's restaurant. JT didn't make an appearance, but I still give his place a thumbs up.

"Just waiting for you, JT."

The lounge area had a good feel, and the couches were extremely comfortable. I bet more than a handful of people have fallen asleep on them.

We headed home after 3 a.m. and slept in the next day ... because we stayed out until after 3 a.m.

Saturday wasn't my day for a few reasons, and Kara was very understanding. After relaxing for the first part of the day, we took a short trip to SoHo. That trip was followed with dinner and SNL.

On Sunday, we woke up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. We spent all day shopping. We browsed small boutiques, huge H&M's, and everything in between.

This store is called Kara New York -- how appropriate

Then, we refueled.

Pomegranate & Vanilla yogurt + Coconut flakes + Strawberries + mango

Later, we went to FAO Schwartz a.k.a. toy palace.

We saw big puppies ...

How do you even get these home?

big pianos ...

Home Alone, anyone?

and Twilight Barbies?!

They've gone too far

 Kara also put her teacher pants us on for a short geography lesson.

"I have all the knowledge!"

We were like kids in a toy candy store.

Before we knew it, it was dinner time. We met up with Megan, Sarah and Jen at Hummus Place. It was my second time dining here; I'm practically a regular. We enjoyed our entrees -- and got a free dessert!

Free tastes good

Our waitress made an error on our bill and felt so bad that she gave us carrot cake on the house.

 And because one dessert just isn't enough, we headed to Sweet Revenge.

This tastes good, too

My sister was dying to have a big, New York cupcake, and since I'm a good host (and a dessert fiend), I gladly took her to the Greenwich Village cupcake shop that I visited last summer.

After the last bit of icing was licked, we headed back to The Webster. We ended the night on the roof, enjoying the amazing view of this spectacular city.

My sister left early the next morning, but I wished she could've stayed much longer. A summer trip to The Big Apple is certainly in order! We're just a couple of city slickers, anyway.



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