Monday, June 25, 2012

Signs Of A Relaxing Weekend

A rare and beautiful thing happened this weekend. This Type A gal didn't follow an itinerary or sneak in work. Instead, she emerged herself in fun, rested, and enjoyed good company. (Don't worry, Kellie will stop talking in third person now.)

Everything about this weekend screamed relaxation.

Check out the indicators:

1. I got to see this guy.

Oh, how I missed you

Some things never change

2. I slept like a baby. Literally, I probably slept the same amount as is required by a newborn child.

3. I hardly looked at my phone, let alone was conscious of where it was located.

4. I went to a Saturday matinee.

Sci-fi flick a.k.a. 100 girlfriend points for me

5. I didn't feel compelled to hook up the Internet modem that arrived Friday afternoon until Sunday evening.

This weekend, I disconnected from distractions and connected with people I love and things that matter. Monday crept in entirely too quickly.


Alyssa said... [Reply]

so happy i found your blog. you're adorable!

Kellie Snyder said... [Reply]

@Alyssa Thank you! I am so glad you found it too! :)

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