Friday, July 27, 2012

Opposite Effect

Recently, I've noticed that certain things that should compel me to react or feel a certain way actually make me react and feel the exact opposite.

For example, you would think that staring at the boring (and damaged by previous male tenant) walls in my room would give me the urge to hang the decorations that are sitting in a box on my floor. It doesn't. Instead, I feel perfectly content leaving everything just as it is. Technically, I have decorations in my room. That counts, right?

Thanks, previous tenants and landlord -- these walls look fabulous!

It's the thought that counts

You would also think that my elementary school friends would be long forgotten by now. Wrong. We may all live hundreds of miles away from each other and go to colleges in different states, but we are still just the little girls from the block. (Holla, JLo!)

"L" if for Loydeen (Don't ask)

After the stories and inside jokes start to fly, it feels like nothing ever changed.

17 Again

And then, there's the Olympics. You might think that all the athletic hype would make me miss being involved in competitive sports. It doesn't. I honestly still have nightmares about high school soccer conditioning. I don't want any part of that. The only thing the Olympics has inspired me to do is stare at this picture:


And paint my nails gold.

Patriotism at its finest

Finally, you might think that I would've adjusted to being in a long-distance relationship after doing it for six months. I didn't. New York to Ohio, Las Vegas to Ohio, and Ohio to slightly father away in Ohio -- Not one of those distances made my heart grow fonder. I prefer my boyfriend to be within a 10-minute walking distance from me, thank you very much. Luckily for me (and our relationship), he moves back to Athens this week.

Just the way I like it ... awkward glasses and all

I can't explain these paradoxical perspectives, and I don't intend on trying. My mind has a mind of its own.


AA said... [Reply]

I think I speak for everyone when I say - PLEASE do a post on your hair! It's fabuuulous!

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