Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Little Things

I feel compelled to express my love for the little things. Trust me, I am all for showing gratitude for the big things -- family, friends, education, freedom. I am thankful for those things always. But, I admit that sometimes it's the small, often insignificant, usually superficial things that add a little extra light to my day.

If you follow me on Twitter, then you know that the Olympics occupied most of my free time throughout the past two weeks. I tweeted from the opening to the closing. Most of my tweets were incredibly enlightening and wise.

I predict NBC will fly me to Rio in 2016 to commentate.

Now that the games are over, I am in a bit of a post-Olympic depression. "The little things" are what I'm relying on to get through the first few days sans Ryan Lochte in a speedo.

Here's what's helping:

  • My nails are freshly painted. 

Revlon "Silver Screen" + Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear "Marine Scene"

  • Happy Endings is on tonight. I don't actually watch TV all that much. Sitting still is too hard. I turn on the tube for background noise and go about my business. Happy Endings, however, commands my attention. It's essentially a modern-day Friends.

Bring on the laughs

  • Speaking of Friends, Jennifer Aniston is engaged. This makes me happy. Friends reruns are my all-time favorite background noise (see above). I feel like I would fit in well with Chandler, Joey, Ross, Monica, Phoebe and Rachel. Because of that, I expect to be invited to the wedding. Obviously.

Take that, Angelina

  • Fall is coming. The Ohio heat wave seems to have ended, and cooler weather is creeping in. Fall is my absolute favorite season, so this excites me immensely. I like fall fashion; I like fall holidays; and I like mellowcreme pumpkin candies.

Let the festivities begin!

  • Taylor Swift came out with a new song for me to play on repeat and bop my head (read: dance like a fool) to. 
Check it out on her site: We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
Thanks, T.

"The little things" may not always be enough, but they are certainly enough for me today.

It doesn't take a fanfare to bring a smile to this face.


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