Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall Bucket List

Fall is hands down my favorite season. This is partly due to the fact that my birthday is in October. Actually, it’s on Halloween. My personal celebrations begin as soon as Halloween decorations appear in drug stores. Fall is one big party in my mind. Not to mention, I have an affinity for jackets and boots and an eternal craving for pumpkin-flavored sweets.

Plus, there is something incredibly exciting about the start of a new school year. Classes begin, students crowd campus, summer stories are shared, and new memories are made. In my opinion, the true “new year” begins when the leaves change colors.

With Saturday being the first official day of fall, I felt compelled to make a few resolutions. But, society says resolutions are for January 1 ... So, I made a bucket list instead.

Here are the activities that I vow to accomplish this season:

1. Carve a pumpkin

2. Go to a pumpkin patch and/or a haunted house and/or go on a hayride (bonus points if I hit all three)

3. Eat candy corn and drink apple cider (Rest assured that I’ve done plenty of this already.)

4. Attend a minimum of four OU football games

One down, three to go

5. Take a hike, literally

6. Watch a parade (i.e. The Ohio University Homecoming Parade)

Homecoming 2010 (Bonus points if I see this guy again)

7. Play in the leaves (No, I’m not to old for this – and neither are you.)

8. Make one of the drool-inducing fall treats found in my recipe book a.k.a. on Pinterest

Chai cookies

9. Enjoy my final Halloween in Athens more than any other – The pressure is on!

Can it be topped? We shall see

10. Write down one thing I am thankful for each day, starting today, and read and the entire list on Thanksgiving

I intend to soak up every ounce of this wonderful season.

Fall may not be the technical beginning to the new year, but it smells like a fresh start to me … or maybe that’s just my pumpkin spice candle.


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