Friday, January 4, 2013

A Refreshing New Year

New Year's Day normally just feels like January 1 to me. Nothing new or exciting happens when the calendar turns. This year, though, finally felt different. It felt like someone hit a "refresh" button on my life -- or, rather, on my life outlook. Loose ends still need to be tied and stressors still need to be battled, but the New Year has given me energy. I'm looking at everything with fresh eyes. Every untied knot is an opportunity. 2013 is full of promises.

New Year's Eve with my favorite friends

The New Year, in fact, even prompted me to make a few resolutions. I typically don't do that. I detest the vague "get healthy," "learn something new," "help others" resolutions. Those are not resolutions -- they are lifestyle choices. You don't just change your life because it's January 1. You have to consciously choose to pursue the life you want every single day. I'm already working on that.

So, here are my resolutions:

1. Wear lipstick more often -- My lips usually rock their birthday suit on a daily basis. Vaseline in a tube is typically the only product that touches them. Nude lips can be flattering, but color is wonderful. I'm ready for corals, berries and reds.

Diane Kruger can do no wrong

2. Do a backbend every day -- I did one a few months ago in yoga class, and it made me feel like a 10-year-old. I liked that feeling. Plus, flexibility is a good thing. I want to preserve whatever low level of it I have.

Ms. Stretch Armstrong

3. Read for fun -- I'm kind of cheating with this one. Nick gave me a Kindle Fire for my birthday in October. I'm already reading more now than I did when the first Harry Potter books came out 11 years ago. (I was obviously a popular pre-teen.) My real goal is to keep this trend going when textbook season starts again.

E-books don't photograph well

My 2013 resolutions are fun and lighthearted. I won't be devastated if I don't accomplish them. They simply make me smile, which is exactly what the prospect of the New Year should do.

In 2013, I will start a career, move to a new city and meet so many people that I will have trouble remembering names. I'm ecstatic for that. I'm thrilled for the New Year.

Here is to fresh starts, untroubled resolutions and, of course, the perfect red lip.

Happy New Year!


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